Amy Lazer


Amy Lazar
Despite the tireless efforts of the Susquehanna Valley to deny all responsibility, Amy Lazer was bred and buttered within a mile of where the WZXR studio is currently blasting The Rock and The Roll and still to this day, she can’t listen to Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy without seeing the miles of back roads that crisscross between Williamsport and Unityville. Or hear a single track off Pearl Jam’s Ten without a memory of Summertime - swinging off a rope into the cool water of the Muncy Creek. She was still just an awkward, angst-ridden teen the first time she hit the airwaves but eventually, she talked her way into a show on WZXR. 

Unfortunately, Amy was also born with an awful case of Wanderlust, and in her early 20s, she joined a cult called Film School, moved to Florida, and graduated with a degree, but still enamored with sound and music, she focused on the audio rather than the moving-pictures side, even interning for a year at the infamous Transcontinental Recording Studios of Orlando (before everyone was arrested and went to jail).

In 2001, she moved to Chicago to work on independent films and attend a music school where she studied guitar and voice, was the lead singer in several bands, managed a few others, but finally decided to give up and quit music forever, moving instead… to Nashville. Music City. But Amy stubbornly refused to play, sing, record, manage, or have anything whatsoever to do with music, film, bands, records, or audio in general. Instead, she sleuthed around in the night as a Private Investigator.

After proving that every last Nashvillian was either cheating on their wife or their favorite Sports Team, those ingrates drove her out of town, shouting, “Don’t come back here, Yankee,” and so she caught a ride on home to the Susquehanna Valley… And straight back into the arms of her first true love: Rock n’ Roll.

It’s good to be Home.